Cybersafety through Connecte.ed Resource

I enjoyed the four modules that I leant about the importance of my students being cyber smart and the clear guidelines it gave educators for dealing with the grey areas, e.g online bullying occurring outside school hours. I was surprised thought at how informed I was already about cyber safety, especially seeing as I still view myself as being quiet technologically illiterate at times, don’t take to technology like a duck to water….. however I already knew basic skills such as not posting images with your location turned on, on the device you are using. I was very happy to find that in the ‘take the lollypop’ scary video, that the man actually didn’t type in my address… that in fact I had already set up my account to proof it from creeps, as I do a lot of work with Child Safety as an advocate for Foster Children I actually already have ‘haters’ that encourage me to keep a safe and professional online presence, just to simply discourage any slander they feel the need to ‘share’ about myself. The main aspect I enjoyed was the equipping of educators to deal with any bullying that can arise due to social media etc.


2 thoughts on “Cybersafety through Connecte.ed Resource

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